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Welcome to Things from the 90s! My name is Mark. I was recently converting an old VHS home video recording from my little sister’s 1993 baby shower and first birthday party. I recently purchased a DVD recorder for the purpose of preserving some of these old memories, because I know that once the tapes go bad, they are gone forever. Watching the video brought up so many good memories, both of my family, and of a lot of different 90s things that I had long forgotten. I saw relatives that are no longer living, and was instantly reminded of things that I forgot even existed. I ended up making a copy of the video and giving it to my sister as a birthday present. I knew that it would make her as happy as it made me to sit and reminisce on the past.

This made me realize, I would love to do this for my fellow 90s babies and their parents. There are so many things from the 90s that I had completely forgotten about. It is fascinating to me the way a small visual image or cue can transport you back in time to your child hood. I created this site as a way to make people happy, and to bring all of these 90s things into one place. Before I started the site I found myself searching Amazon and other sites, scouring for specific items, or trying to remember the name of a toy I used to have, or trying to find where I could buy some of the classic shows on DVD. Things from the 90s is this and more. Not only does it feature old items you may be searching for, it will also remind you of some that you may have forgotten about. That is my goal with this site. I hope it makes you as happy as it has me and my family. You can start browsing on the homepage now.


– Mark

P.S. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for the site, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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