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Dreamcast for Sale – Sega Dreamcast System

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Sega released the Dreamcast in 1998. The system was ahead of its time. You can own one now and relive the nostalgia with thanks to this Dreamcast for sale.

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Dreamcast for Sale

Sega made the Dreamcast for sale in 1998 in Japan and 1999 in the United States. The system was very ahead of its time. It was the first major console to have a modem to connect to the internet or play online. It featured a screen on the controller, a dual stick, and also a directional pad. The system ran discs instead of cartridges, like the previous generation of gaming consoles did. Unfortunately, the Sega Dreamcast was very short lived. Sega ended the run in 2001. This ending did not only mark the end of the system, but the end of Sega’s bid in the console war. The Dreamcast would become Sega’s last effort in the gaming console market. Read more about the history of the system here.

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